A novel from the Janusian Universe

What if humans had existed on other worlds for thousands of years?


Today, the peoples of the Janusic Race have spread across the stars, where the Eternal Republic of Janusia reigns supreme. No other civilisation or faction can resist them. There are no barriers to what they can do, or where they can go.


Except one: Terra, or Earth to its inhabitants. The ancestral homeworld is off limits, protected against influence that could devastate its population.


Dan Darcha is a hunter working in the North American sector. Once a great warrior of Janusia, his career was cut short by shame and failure. He now spends his time, as one a few permitted to walk the Terran surface, hunting down Janusics who have illegally landed. It’s dull work. And far below the levels of Dan’s skill set. And Terra is nothing like what he was taught in school. But on Earth, no one knows him, no one knows his failures, and on Terra he can forget his past.


But when a routine apprehension goes sideways, Dan learns of an emerging threat from the rising Immortal Federation of Varthenia. Tasked with bringing a Terran to Janus, and breaking the one rule, Dan must decide if he can be the warrior he should have been. Because if he can’t, the days of Janusian hegemony may be over, and so might Earth’s days of isolation and safety, and independence.


Guardians of Terra is the gripping debut novel from science fiction author George Lindsay.

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