A new threat emerges that could destroy the fragile peace between Janusia and Varthenia.


On Terra, Dan and Quinton head up a new, more aggressive task force to find Janusic peoples; meanwhile, Lucy faces accusations of treason as she searches for answers to her past on Nova Varthenia.


When Dan attempts to apprehend a Terran who is suspected of dealing in Janusic tech, the Varthenians do all they can to stop him, with deadly consequences. Now Dan must find what it is the Varthenians are desperate to keep hidden.


As Lucy fights for her very survival, she learns that her father died protecting a secret, a secret he may have passed onto his daughter. It is a secret so powerful that it could shift the balance of power in the galaxy forever. But her father had two daughters, and Jess is back on Terra under Dan’s and Janusia’s protection. Now Lucy must question where her loyalties really lie.


Past allies will collide as our future is decided.

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Daughters of Varthenia
Editing 60%


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