Guardians of Terra is Now Published!

The palms are sweating, and the heart is pounding. Exciting and terrifying spring to mind. Guardians of Terra is now published, and you can find it on Amazon.


The journey has been long, and to be honest, I never thought I would get here—but here I am. Where things go from here, I honestly don’t know. But I’m excited. And I’m an author!


So, Guardians of Terra. What’s it all about? Well, I won’t go into the blurb here. You can get that from the book description (click here). But I’ll tell you a little about how it began and what I hope the book to be.


Before I go any further, I should tell you I’m a nerd. There is no getting away from it. I’m a big old nerd. I’ll happily talk about serious issues that affect the world, with a glass of wine or whisky in hand, but I’ll just as happily discuss the merits of the Kobayashi Maru, or whether Batman could defeat Superman (he could and has, easily). So that is my mind. That’s where I’m at. If you go any further, it’s all on you.


Back to Guardians of Terra, and for the main character.


To create my main character for Guardians of Terra, I thought about what would happen if Jason Bourne became a Jedi. What would he be like and how would he behave? To be clear, my main character is neither Jason Bourne, nor is he a Jedi. But that was the seed I used to grow Dan Darcha. I wanted him to be flawed… because aren’t we all?


And onto the story.


Guardians of Terra is a science fiction thriller full of intrigue, suspense, brotherhood, sisterhood, tolerance, compassion, and loyalty. And on top of all that is espionage, fighting, guns, spaceships, geopolitical manoeuvring, and a dash of romance. But it’s also about individual priorities and what they mean for the wider world.


But above all, I hope Guardians of Terra is a place to escape and dream about something bigger. Really, I just hope you have fun when reading.




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