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George Lindsay is a British author who writes science fiction, dipping into the sub genres of space opera, dystopian fiction, and military science fiction.


Apart from being a writer, he has a full time job and is a father of four. He often wishes the Earth would spin a couple of hours slower — so he could get more sleep, and perhaps write more books. But mainly for sleep.


Aside from an interest in all things science fiction and just plain old science, he would happily talk over a coffee or two anything historical or geopolitical, two subjects which heavily influences his work. However, he dislikes preachy stories and prefers any themes or messages to be nuanced. 


He also loves the wilderness and dreams of one day living by a lake surrounded by mountains and an alpine forest. With his family, of course. And with good internet access. And perhaps a nearby Starbucks. Preferably, on another planet.